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2 RadBlock 20 Potassium Iodide & 2 Sirad Radiation indication card+ 1 N95 Masks

Due to the heightened demand for our RadBlock potassium Iodide , we are rationing our limited supply to one bundle per customer We are the manufacturer and will have our new batch of one million 65mg. tabletsready in 6 weeks.
(This product has a limit set to 1 item(s) per order)
RADIATION%20CLOCKlink to Nuclear risks and Preparedness by my associate Kevin BriggsKI Canada is making a new batch of RadBlock to be finished with the help from above in 6 weeks time . We have a very limited stock on hand of RadBlock 20s which should be enough for one adult's protection for 10 days.We have combined it with a Sirad card that will tell you how much radiation you have absorbed in a nuclear eventWe hope to get this out to as many individual users until our million tablet 1500 bottles of RadBlock 200 are ready to be put on the marketI have added a 300 page book from my Associate Kevin Briggs on surviving a nuclear event to help everyone 
Remember that in the event of a nuclear disaster , that having an Alpha Protect N95 mask is very important so that you do not breathe in particles with radioactive particles on them. The important thing is to stay inside and shelter in Place .
Thank you for any questions on Radiation Meters  or Sirad cards please email our technical associate Bruce Koffler.  bkoffler@securesearchinc.com. For shipping questions Please contact our Shipping associate  Chantilly shipping@kicanada.com
To contact Tom Gottlieb please call 416 857 4464


Thank you
(This Bundle includes 2 Pack of 20 Tablets of RadBlock , 2 SIRAD Cards and 1 Box of Alpha Protect N95 Masks)
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